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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


August, 22nd from 7pm

Ciné-Classics (vs) Japanese experimental musician

@ Alliance Franco Tanzanienne of Arusha

2 Fanciful Short Movies by Jacques TATI

jacques tati

About Tati…

With Tati, the poetry is joyous and the melancholy is hidden. His cinema lays down a manifesto of happiness best attained by bunking off, making do and scrapping by. It is a paean to the spirit of childhood, to awkwardness and to being out of step with the world, coupled with a constant scorn for tedium, seriousness and social conventions.

2 Fancy short movies… Soigne ton gauche, 1936, France, 12 min

L’école des facteurs, 1947, France, 15 min

Solo Unique Performance BY HARUO

KUNICHIRO BUENO was born August 10th, 1974 in Osaka, Japan. He first started as a comedian while becoming a professional wrestler.
To be the comedian, wrestler, and musician, he moved to Tokyo and made the music group which is called LO-FI NEISANS in 1996. He was a singer composing all the songs. His friends played the bass guitar and the drum. His ex-girlfriend wanted to play the guitar, but couldn't play it. He made her play toys like Godilla, gun, sword and so on. LO-FI NEISANS gave the shows, which the record label, EERIE MATERIAL arranged, at San Francisco in September, 1999. Kunichiro, with the members of LO-FI NEISANS, moved to SF and gave shows in USA until 2004.Kunichiro went back to Tokyo in 2004 and studied SHAKUHACHI, Japanese traditional flute until 2006. In summer, 2006, he went back to Osaka and stared to perform of BY HARUO. The idea is same as LO-FI NEISANS. What is the difference? He uses the drum machine wearing Mexican wrestler's mask while his friends played the bass guitar and
the drum wearing armature wrestling costumes. Since last November is touring the world performing searching musicians encounters…
One exclusive performance – 30min
Suitable for viewers aged 14y/o and over

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venue Alliance Franco Tanzanienne of Arusha ¦ Oloirien, behind Gloryland Church
time Show starts at 7 pm. Chairs, food and drinks available from 6.30 pm
Contact us@0785056073

Language Films are screened in original language(s) with English subtitles

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